About Dr Rachel

Dr Rachel McInnes

Rachel has over twenty years’ of experience in management consulting, project management and executive coaching. She is also proud to be a trustee for the House of Science Auckland, whose goal is to raise scientific literacy in our children.

Rachel has led projects in:

  • Small Business advisory
  • Organisational development
  • IT specification, selection, and implementation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Business process improvement
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Performance measurement
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Strategic planning

In addition, Rachel has delivered a number of generalist HR roles/projects, developing skills and experience in; recruitment, performance management, succession planning, talent management, industrial and employment relations advice and support.

Rachel has worked for Deloitte Consulting, Howarth Clark Whitehall (UK), The National Autistic Society (UK), The NZ refining company, and the Robyn Hood foundation.  As a consultant she has worked with many large corporates, government organizations, SMEs and not for profit organizations in the UK, Australia, and NZ.

Rachel has also has a Ph.D. in Organisational Behaviour (on Scholarship) from the University of Western Australia.  Her research explored wellbeing and work performance, with a specific focus on the link between heart rate variability, positive emotions, social support and worker performance, via mindfulness meditation and exercise.

Facilitation and Coaching Experience

Rachel has been coaching for over 15 years, working with a range of leaders and individual contributors at all levels of organizational life.

Rachel has designed and delivered workshops in coaching, facilitation, leadership, strategy, creativity, team building, values-based performance as well as a range of ICT topics.  Rachel also provides facilitation for strategic partnerships and teams in crisis or undergoing change.


Tertiary Qualifications

  • Ph.D., in Organisational Behaviour and Anatomy & Physiology (University of Western Australia)
  • MMS(Tech), with merit (Victoria University)
  • BSc, Environmental Science and Ecology (Waikato University)


  • Deans Merit Award for Master of Science (Waikato University)
  • Sarah Anne Rhodes Fellowship (Victoria University)
  • APA Scholarship for Ph.D. (University of Western Australia)

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Somethings not many people know about Rachel

  • She lived in a cave in the south of Spain
  • She purchased her first home in London on her credit card in her 20s
  • Once broke one of her ribs playing rugby union

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