A mother-daughter dream team, putting wellbeing first whilst simultaneously growing profit in your business

When you had a gem of an idea to start your own business, the odds are it was through passion and a belief in your product or service.

Not for the adrenaline kick of surfing the tidal wave that is cashflow chaos, marketing madness, decision-making drama.

Not to mention getting to the pointy end of the surfboard and dealing with hiring and firing, human resources, leading a team whilst still managing to keep each one of them happy. Phew, what a ride!

Making profit without sacrificing the mental wellbeing of everybody involved

From the everyday decisions to recruiting and upskilling your employees, we help you navigate it all without forgetting the bigger picture.

We’ve seen and dealt with everything business-related in our cumulative 40 years’ experience and we’ve been through the wild ride more than once, twice, even three times.

We’ve started with a vison, built businesses from the ground up, taken on leaderships, managed at the top, grown a team, and rinsed and repeated.

We’ve done the same for clients; individually and as our mum-daughter dream team you see today.

We’ve seen the highs and lows. We’ve dealt with the rises and falls.

And at the base of everything we do business-wise today, is two things.

People. And profit.

The two go hand-in-hand, like gin and tonic with a refreshing slice of lemon, or fush and chups with a dollop of ketchup.

We’re all about the people. And their wellbeing.  But we also believe a business can’t take care of its people if it doesn’t take care of its money.

And to make more profit, you need to grow your business.

And growing your business means building a team.

And building a team means recruiting more people.

You can interview and hire yourself, which puts a whole added pressure onto sometimes already straining shoulders. Or as we frequently see, outsourcing to hard-selling recruitment companies who push unsuitable candidates.

This leads to unhappy bosses and staff, peeved with their performance, which in turn means production is low, morale is lower, and profits plummet faster than a fat fox off a cliff.

This makes us sad, and mad, and is why we do what we do. And do it well too, with an energy belying our years (Claire) and a brain to rival Einstein (Rachel) and an enthusiasm and desire to help people build profits (both.)

Fun, enthusiasm, experience, intelligence, empathy; need we go on?

We’re here to advise, support, and guide you through the overwhelm that is starting a business, right through to all the craziness that is recruiting staff, managing teams, and creating a profitable, sustainable business.

We bring our unique, individual skills together to make a veritable ball of amazingness.

When you work with us, you benefit from a balance of scientific knowledge, a pragmatic approach, and a flexible and customised method to identifying your business needs.


I started young in business, having a family and a farm to run in my 20s. I moved onto the local council and everything snowballed. I found myself heading rapidly through middle management to the leadership team, managing most of our staff, with everything from customer service to internal training thrown in. A few more businesses and developments followed until I finally jumped to safety to set up McInnes Associates with Rachel.

What an eyeopener all those years were.

I saw the good, the bad, and the downright unsightly way to work. It was why I made it my mission to provide the right advice and support to everyone running a business, from start-ups to established, sole traders to multi-staffed enterprises.

I’m a people person. If you’re a people, I’m your person!

If you’re in need of support and guidance in all stages from setting up your business to growing your team, and you’re fed up of seeming like a number on an agency’s books, then look no further.

To me, people are the most important aspect of business, and I love meeting the people behind all these wonderful businesses that pass through our hands.

And I do all this with a flourish! An impromptu speech here, an acting bit there, and a lot of laughs and fun along the way. If I’ve learnt anything, it’s that life is short, and we have to look after ourselves and enjoy ourselves.


I’m the brains behind the business! If it’s practical advice, laced with evidential reasonings you’re after, that’s where I come in.

Since my 20s, I’ve worked in businesses around the globe, with many challenges and much variation along the way. I’ve had positions in development, management, employee wellbeing, and HR, to name a few.

Through all of it, my coaching and consulting has remained consistent. I’m a values-driven person through and through, and my own business is values-based life and career coaching for women in business. You can find my individual coaching as Dr Rachel here

I did all this in the shadow of health struggles, dodging the curve balls life flings at us, and deciding to study for my PhD in my 40s. Through my experiences, I rubbed up against the snake oil salesmen and the so-called gurus who seem to think it’s their given right to prey on small businesses.

Now, I use my experience coupled with my love of science, to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Go to Claire for

Amazing, sound recruitment advice and guidance

Pragmatic, wise, and sensible decisions

Recruiting and supporting leaders and managers

Hilarious, endearing, impromptu wedding speeches

Acting advice, especially if you want a part on Shortland Street

Real-life advice on how to hold a mean dinner party

Go to Rachel for

Expert, experienced advice and guidance on employee health and wellness

Professional advice for the best way to handle yourself and your team in business

General, sound business advice for you or your team

Captivating, endearing best practices in life and business

Open, honest conversation on anything and everything

Genuine concern over the best type of (affordable) wine to have at the end of a busy day