Values are not just some nice pictures and words on our website.  We have taken hundreds of clients through the values process we created.  As a result, we are very clear on our own values as well as what matters when working with our clients.

We have some tensions to balance that matter deeply to us.  Not least of which is the tension between hard science and being pragmatic with the constraints of day-to-day organisational life.

This tension keeps us honest, or perhaps more accurately – our own personal values combine nicely to keep each other and our clients honest.  Without the ability to make a difference in the working lives of our clients, this balance is meaningless … oh and we want to have some fun along the way.


Human rights, humanity, compassion, trust


Science, logic, integrity, knowledge, insight


Achievement, making-a-difference, pragmatism, flexibility, competence

The X-factor

Courage, fun, adventure, curiosity

Let’s talk about you now…

Want to understand more about your own values? You can download our free workbook or get some coaching on the topic, or even contact us about a group workshop. Women you may want to look at our Women-In-Transition workshop.

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