Wellbeing Workshops

wellbeing workshops

We offer a range of in-house and public wellbeing workshops.  Two examples are shown below.  Get in touch if you would like to talk about these or other workshops to support your employee wellbeing.

Values & Wellbeing Workshop

Values influence every aspect of our lives: our moral judgements, our responses to others, our commitments to personal and organisational goals  (Kouzes & Posner).

Values are concepts that capture and express what matters most to us.  Values are about what cause meaning and motivation in our lives.

Clarity on personal values has significant positive impacts on behaviour at work.  Comfort with personal values mitigates any negative consequences of conflicts between personal and organisational values.

This enjoyable workshop will cover:

  • Overview of values and values at work
  • Interactive activity to clarify and reconnect with personal values
  • Setting values-based goals
  • Interactive sessions on personal and team values

Measuring Wellbeing Workshop.

The health of your vagus nerve and overall autonomic nervous system can be indirectly measured via Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

Strong HRV is linked to health and wellbeing outcomes:

  • Experiencing more positive emotions
  • Improved perceptions of social connectedness
  • More creativity
  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Better physical health outcomes

Many of these factors are supportive of employee wellbeing and performance.  The good news is it is possible to improve HRV with certain lifestyle interventions.  This workshop provides interested employees with all the knowledge they will need to monitor and track their own heart rate variability.  This will enable them to understand which lifestyle interventions work best for them personally.

The interactive workshop will cover:

  • An introduction to the vagus nerve and its role in wellbeing and performance.
  • How to measure vagus nerve functioning via smartphone technology.
  • How to improve HRV/vagus nerve functioning
  • ‘Quick and dirty tips’ on changing habits.