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Small/medium companies without in house HR tend to fully outsource their recruitment needs or do a DIY job.

Our experience is whether recruitment is done inhouse or by an independent recruiter, the more hiring managers understand – the better the hiring decisions.

Successful hiring should never be fully outsourced.

Recruiting agencies are a valuable resource for part of the process, they have great databases and wide networks. However, even the best recruiters don’t work at your place, neither do we. Your people are your best resource for identifying role scope and culture fit.

Your people have skin in the game, they need the right person. External recruiters are remunerated on placement – they want bums on seats. While this is a simplification because obviously they also want repeat business – still the incentive structure is not set up for win-win.

So whether you are a total DIYer or currently a total outsourcer, this workshop will improve your recruitment (if you implement what you learn).

Half-Day Workshops

The half-day successful hiring workshop covers what hiring managers need to know to support good hiring choices, including:

  • Identifying the need/business case
  • Scoping the role
  • Creating a person specs matrix
  • When, where and how to search
  • How to keep recruiters, who work on success fees, honest
  • Profiling candidates for ‘fit’
  • Shortlisting and interviewing hacks
  • On-boarding that works

We do also provide a range of other recruitment services, including, psychometric profiling, reference checking and interview support as needed.

You choose how much or how little ongoing support you need (our goal is less over time not more).

Get in touch to learn more.

We take your team through the steps involved in successful hiring from identifying the need (the business case) all the way through to induction and training.  Recruiting is not an exact science, however the more checks and balances in the process the less the risk of a bad hire.

These half-day interactive workshops equip hiring managers with the skills they need to get the right people in the right roles. It also supports them to get new employees up to full productivity in the shortest possible time.