Small Business Advisory Service

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Dealing with one or many issues you don’t know how to solve?

Most business owners started their business because of a passion for a product or service, or to get away from the complexity or politics of working in a day job.

Unfortunately, regardless of the products or services you sell, running a business is complex and multi-faceted and can be dam hard, and sometimes lonely work.

Unsurprisingly small business owners often find themselves out of their depth making decisions related to people, strategy, digital marketing, HR or finance.

You may have found yourself dealing with one or multiple issues you don’t know how to solve. Maybe you have a clear enough goal, but don’t yet know the best way to get there. This is where a good business advisor comes in!

The field of business advisory is also complex and variety, some are specialists, many come out of accounting and others (like us) offer a wide range of general advice, sending you on for in-depth support where needed e.g. to a lawyer or accountant.

A good generalist business advisor has some decent mileage on their career. That career should be varied, so they can take a helicopter view of most core disciplines. Scanning your business with you and looking for the areas in need of work or opportunities to harness. A good advisor also understands their own limitations, knowing when to refer on to a subject matter expert.

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