Recruitment Support

Companies serious about employee wellbeing think about it before they even employ.

Employee wellbeing is influenced by the job itself, the working environment, and the team and culture.  Hence getting the right person in the right role upfront is a great head start.

We notice our SME clients really struggle here, as they do not have the in-house resources so often they outsource the process completely.  Outsourcing finding job applicants often makes sense.  Recruitment companies have large databases and good networks.  However, they don’t work at your place (neither do we).  Which is why we support your people to choose the best applicant that fits your organisation, role and needs

We offer a range of services to help SMEs navigate the hiring process, whether their candidates come from agencies or Seek/Trademe etc.

Our services include:

  • Advice and support throughout the recruitment and onboarding process
  • Applicant psychometric profiling – you can read all about what this is and our (affordable) fees in this blog post.
  • Reference checking – Applicants choose referees who will positively support them.  We have a knack for getting the full picture.
  • Training in all aspects of recruitment that hiring managers need to know.

We don’t:

  • Find candidates
  • Get remunerated for candidate placement

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