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‘When used correctly, cognitive and personality tests can increase the chances that new employees will succeed. Since the cost of a bad hire is widely estimated to be at least one year’s pay , there are huge incentives for organisations to get hiring right‘. Harvard Business Review

So … it makes a lot of sense to spend $275* to increase the likelihood that the applicant you select is a good fit for role and your organisation.  

SME Recruitment

The report will provide insight into

  • The candidate’s reasoning ability in terms of verbal, numerical and logical reasoning. This helps to ascertain both their ability to carry out the requirements of the role and the potential for future promotion.
  • The candidate’s work style preferences. This provides a feel for how they will cope with your systems and processes. It also gives you  an understanding of what induction and training will be most  effective and efficient for this person.
  • The candidate’s personal style.  This enables you to assess their potential fit with your organisations culture and people.
  • The candidate’s resilience. This measures their skills in combating stress and identifies possible training opportunities.
psychometric profiling recruitment

The report also provides valuable  information on areas for further investigation at the interview and reference check stages.

The $275* cost also covers a consultation with you on the needs of the role, as well as a debrief on our findings in relation to the report.

Sample Report

Reference Check Services

For Employers

It might surprise you that speaking to a candidate’s referees is sometimes an overlooked step in the recruitment process.  Even those who do not skip this step, often give it a cursory tick-the-box approach.

Applicants choose referees who will positively support them.  We have a knack for getting past this positive selection bias to get the real picture.

recruitment employers support

We use the information provided by the psychometric profile to ensure that any areas of concern are fully explored.

We don’t send an email to the referee with a list of questions. We don’t use a standard set of questions at all. We want to hear when a referee hesitates, to be aware of what they are not saying as well as what they are. To metaphorically see the whites of their eyes.

For Candidates

Do you want to be sure that your referees are not disadvantaging you in the job market? Want to know what they are saying.  We can do a check for you.

Even those past employers who were happy with your performance and wish you well, can unintentionally  send the wrong messages.

  • They may value different aspects of your performance than the potential new employer.
  • They may be very conservative in their communication or ranking styles.
  • They may just be poor telephone communicators.

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Workshops for Hiring Managers

These sessions either one-on -one, or in small groups equip first line managers with the skills they need to get the right people in the right roles. It also supports them to get new employees up to full productivity in the shortest possible time.

SME Worskshops

Many small and medium organisations without HR staff either go it alone or fully outsource their recruitment needs. Our experience is whether recruitment is done in house or by an independent recruiter, the more hiring managers understand – the better the hiring decisions. Successful hiring should never be fully outsourced.

We take your team through the steps involved in successful hiring from role scoping all the way  through to induction and training.  Recruiting is not an exact science, however the more checks and balances in the process the less the risk of a bad hire.

Recruiting agencies are a valuable resource for part of the process, they have great databases and wide networks. They cannot find you suitable candidates if they are not well briefed. Some firms are better than others. Even the best ones  don’t work at your place, neither do we. Your people are your best resource for identifying role scope and culture fit.

wellbeing workshops

Your people have skin in the game, they need the right person. External recruiters are remunerated on placement – they want bums on seats. While this is a simplification because obviously they also want repeat business – still the incentive structure is not set up for win-win.

We also provide support in psychometric profiling, reference checking and interviews as needed. You choose how much or how little ongoing support you need (our goal is less over time not more).

*Prices Excludes GST

Note we don’t get remunerated for candidate placement.

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