Recruitment Support

Outsourcing finding job applicants makes sense.  Recruitment companies have large databases and good networks.  However, they don’t work at your place (neither do we).  Which is why we train your people to choose the best applicant that fits your organisation, role and needs.

We then offer as much or as little ongoing commitment from us as you need (ideally less over time).

Our post training support includes:

  • Advice and support throughout the complete recruitment and on boarding process
  • Applicant psychometric profiling – you can read all about what this is and our (affordable) fees in this blog post.
  • Reference checking – Applicants choose referees who will positively support them.  We have a knack for getting the full picture.

We don’t:

  • Find candidates
  • Get remunerated for candidate placement

NB: An introduction to recruiting is included in the Introduction to Management programme.