Psychometric Profiling

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Psychometric profiles are standardized questionnaires designed by psychologists to measure mental performance and personality.

Such profiles are used in recruitment to help determine the likely on-the-job performance of a candidate.  They are also used in leadership development to help build on leaders strengths and manage their weakness.

This from Harvard Business Review: When used correctly, cognitive and personality tests can increase the chances that new employees will succeed.””

However, they (rightly) go on to talk about the importance of using the right tool in the right way.  The foundation of this is getting clear on what you really want in a candidate or leader, there is no point matching a profile to a need, if the need is not clear.  Get in touch and we can talk about this in more depth.

We are certified/registered to use two evidence-based psychometric tools, Hogans Inventories and New Zealand based Selector Insight.

Hogan’s tools are focused on personality and reputation (how others are likely to see the person). This tool is a more complex, deeper look at personalty, whereas Selector is covering more factors in less depth i.e. personality, preferences and ability.

We tend to use Hogan’s for Leadership Development and Selector Insight for recruitment.  Although selector has other more in-depth tools and Hogan’s can also be used for recruitment so there is no one size fits all, this is just how it usually pans out with our specific clients.

Hogans Inventories

The insights from the Hogans inventories help us understand the consistent ways a person is likely to interact with the world, both in good times and bad.  The tools are based on robust and extensive research, worldwide over decades.

Three surveys cover three different components, namely:

  1. The Bright Side: How the person is likely to behave under normal circumstances
  2. The Dark Side: Insight into potential derailing tendencies.  i.e. how the person is likely to behave when tired, stressed, or bored. Put another way – at the times they are not actively managing their reputation.
  3. Preferences and Motivations: what things are key to the person’s work and life satisfaction.

Review the sample reports or get in touch for more info.

Bright Traits Sample Report

Leadership Derailers Sample Report

Selector Insight

We have been using this tool in recruitment for over a decade and have many stories of on the job behaviours, good and bad, panning out as the tool predicted. Selector Insight is a good balance of affordability, with reasonable breadth and effectiveness.

Feel free to download a sample report.

Your Investment

Selector Insight

We charge $275 (excl GST) per profile.  This includes: administering the profile; the full written report; a 15 minute brief with Claire on the needs of the role; and a 30 minute debrief on our findings within the profile to the hiring manager. 

Hogan’s Inventories

Costs depend on the debrief process and the exact report chosen.  However loosely costs for profiles, reports and in-person in-depth debrief by Dr Rachel, range from $650 to $1300 (excl GST) per leader.