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“It does not interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you, from the inside, when all else falls away”

The Invitation (Oriah Mountain Dreamer).

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Core values are at the very core of you, your preferences and priorities, what matters most. Those things that indeed do sustain you ‘when all else falls away’.

Values are not right or wrong.  They are not moral judgments.  They are simply what matters to you most.  There is no list of things that should be on your values list.   

I have worked with several hundred people over the years, in small groups and one-one-one helping them define very clearly their own values and learn how to create a life that supports them.

When we are aligned with what we value, we are happier and more productive. What never fails to surprise me is how unclear people actually are on their values or even what values are (versus say morals or ethics). For almost everyone that has gone though this process there is at least one pretty significant ah-huh moment. Some have described it as life-changing.

Taking a few hours to do the values process will provide you with a foundation for making important decisions as well as small day-to-day ones. People facing a major decision (usually about a career or relationship) find the values process and some decision making tools are enough. Those looking to change habits to move their life more in balance, prefer one of the more involved package.

Below are three different packages to choose from. Download the flyer for pricing details.

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Seed (2 Weeks)

  • Two intense one and a half hour coaching sessions,
  • Guidance through the Values Process
  • Values eBook Series

This program suits those facing a big decision currently or feeling a little flat, off-track or less than fully inspired.

Grow (3 Months)

  • 1hr Kick Start face-to-face session
  • forty five minute weekly video call
  • Values eBook Series
  • Habit Change eBook

The grow program is for those really wanting to create some sustainable changes in their life, to set clear goals and achieve them.

Thrive (6 Months)

  • 1 Hr Kick starr face-to-face Session
  • 1 Hr fortnightly video call
  • Values eBook Series
  • Habit Change eBook
  • Heart Rate Variability eBook

Like the grow program this one is for those serious about creating sustainable changes in their life. The longer time frame and less frequent longer calls will suit some better than the Grow approach.

A Little About Your Coach

I never really set out to be a personal coach. I was an executive coaching and consultant.  I seemed to be that go-to-person to talk to.  The person people would say ‘oh you must talk to Rachel’. I also know a thing or two about the challenge of living a values-based life of purpose and challenge. One of my core values is wellbeing, which was directly related to me doing a PhD in wellbeing for fun. However, my wellbeing core value is very challenging to manage given I live with endometriosis, Painful Bladder Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Sydrome, an autonomic nervous system dysfunction, a heart arrhythmia, generalized anxiety and emetophobia (that’s a fear of vomiting, pretty rough when I have experienced many years of chronic nausea).

Dr Rachel McInnes

Although my health is currently stable – I’m not going to terrify you with my perfect seemingly unattainable hot yoga and green smoothies at dawn approach to life. I prefer pizza and chardonnay. I am happy, I like my life and I am proud of it – I am still a work in progress, I am far from perfect. 

Download the Free ebook and get started in your own time.

You can start with the values process in your own time with this complementary eBook that takes your through the start of the process. Simply click the image and follow the prompts.

Group Work

My business partner (also my mum) Claire and I work together to do this work in groups of eight. Eight is the max and two guides are needed, so that each person can get enough attention from us. Give us a call if you want to discuss this option, obviously it is more affordable and comes with other benefits especially if the other 7 are your mates, but it’s not everyone’s cup of organic green tea.

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