New Manager Mentoring

New manager mentoring is:

An individual is usually promoted into their first management position, not for their management skills, but for their technical excellence in their field.  Hence it is not uncommon for such new managers to have not yet developed the management and leadership skills to excel in their new roles.

This is where sessions with someone experienced at the coal face in a range of management positions can make all the difference.  That is where Claire comes in.

New manager mentoring is not:

Mentoring is not therapy.  Mentoring is not healing for emotional issues.  Mentoring is not interested in the past, it is present focused and action oriented.

How does mentoring work?

The process looks something like this (we customise it to suit you):

  • We start with a ‘kick off’ meeting with mentor, mentee and their manager. The mentees strengths and improvement areas are discussed.
  • The approach and delivery details are finalised in writing.
  • Mentoring sessions are delivered: e.g. weekly one-on-one sessions for the first month in the role, followed by fortnightly/monthly for the next few months.
  • Finally all parties meet and confirm progress and agree next steps (if any).

What sort of content is covered during mentoring?

A wide range of topics are covered, depending on the specific needs of the mentee, examples include:

  • Delegation
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Communication with peers, subordinates and supervisors
  • Leading others

How mentoring is delivered.

Face-to-face in an environment that suits you.  Sometimes small group mentoring with a management team is appropriate.

What will it cost?

Exact costs depend on how many people are receiving mentoring and how many sessions are required.  Costs range from $180-$220 per hour and are delivered by Claire.

Try before you buy!

The best way to decide if mentoring is right for your new mangers  is to try before you buy.   Claire offers a free, no obligation, one hour new manger mentoring session.