Job Seeker Training

Facing job loss or uncertainty?

No choice but to lay off loyal staff, so want to offer all the support you can?

Or just keen to move roles, careers or companies?

Defining, finding and landing a job that excites you is complex in any market, never mind a recession.

Relying on being a competent worker does not make you a skilled job seeker, cv writer or interviewee.

There are some basic skills you can learn to get ahead of the crowd. There are also things you can learn and practice to help you manage the stress and uncertainty of job loss or career change.

Come to this interactive day to learn or brush up on your job seeker skills.

The day will cover:

• Clarify your ideal role and work environment

• Getting job-ready: application letters, and CV writing

• Presentation and interview tips and tricks

• Staying positive and motivated despite setbacks

• Strategies for coping with job seeker stress

• Minimising the financial impacts in the interim



You can book on public courses at Selwyn Community College, which are heavily subsidised by TEC, so only $28pp for the day!!!


Organisations having to lay people off and wanting to help them find their feet get in touch to discuss in-house courses.

Claire was a wonderful tutor. She communicated clearly and effectively. She was kind, funny and very supportive of everyone. She offered practical solutions and was very helpful

Course Participant