Job Seeker Support

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Job Seeker Training

Claire (The Barefoot Recruiter) runs Job Seeker courses via Selwyn community college. Note these are heavily subsidised for NZ citizens and permanent residents – where you will only be set back $28! We’ll (literally) eat our hats if you don’t feel you get that much value!

Reference Checking

Do you want to be sure that your referees are not disadvantaging you in the job market? Want to know what they are saying. We can do a check for you.

Even those past employers who were happy with your performance and wish you well can unintentionally send the wrong messages.

  • They may value different aspects of your performance than the potential new employer.
  • They may be very conservative in their communication or ranking styles.
  • They may just be poor telephone communicators.

So lets us do reference checks on your behalf and let you know if your chosen referees are helping or hindering your career goals.

Not sure where you want to take your career?

For women head over to our sista site that is all about you, where you’ll find affordable courses or one-on-one coaching that will help you make these decisions as painlessly as possible. See you there!

Men get in touch directly.

Other genders welcome at either site.