The Discovery Process

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Many small business founders go into business because they want a simpler life, they want to just do-the-thing-they-do well without all the politics and red tape.

About 102 per cent of them, as I am sure you know, get a shock. Small business is so complex, you need to be responsible for strategy, people, processes, technology, sales, marketing, logistics, and finance! Leaving you about 6 seconds to do each task, as well as regretting not focusing during school maths when faced with product margin formulas.

You are probably so overworked and close to all the details it is hard to see where improvements are needed or what isn’t working and why.

This is where the discovery process comes in. The process is a bit like squishing your entire business through an x-ray that enables us to see what is not easy to see with the naked eye. From here we can prescribe what you need to do first to make the biggest impact.

The Discovery Process was designed specifically thinking of New Zealand SMEs in the 2020s. Although we are now taking that across the ditch to Australian ones.

Dr Rachel to the rescue

Few coaches or consultants have the diversity of experience Dr Rachel does. This is because she values learning and variety more than a traditional corporate career progression. She even did a PhD in employee wellbeing for fun in her early 40s.

Rachels background means she brings to The Discovery Process experience working with in/with/on:

  • Business Processes
  • IT Project Management
  • Small Business Advisory
  • SME Strategy
  • Organizational Development
  • Generalist HR
  • Digital Marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Governance
  • Employee wellbeing
  • And more that she forgets just now 😉

She is also pretty handy with power tools, but we are hoping you will not be needing that skills set.

The Process

Don’t worry it isn’t painful and there are no needles involved. We simply book four hours of time with the handful of people that together know pretty much everything about your business.

We get coffee, pens paper and ask you several hundred questions through a structured framework. We take this information and any supporting written information you provide us away to our cave. Then we bang and crash and hammer and think and think and drink tea and bang and think some more.

Then the dust settles and the magic happens and the answers are there in front of us. From this, we create a brief and clear report that outlines your priority places to start and what should be done. We also lay out several pathways for you to address the issues including (where at all possible) how you can DIY a solution.

Your Investment

The Discovery Process and recommendations is at a set price of $1,600 excluding GST and out-of-pocket expenses.

Because we know this process will save you oodles more than you invest, it comes with a money-back guarantee. Of course, Ts n Cs apply – like you letting us know in a timely way that you’d like your money back.