What coaching is:

Coaching is sought when an employee wants to raise the bar in their work effectiveness and/or satisfaction.  The coaching relationship is a partnership with the coach and coachee as equals, working together for shared goals.

What coaching is not:

Coaching is not therapy.  Coaching is not healing for emotional issues.  Coaching is not interested in the past, it is present-focused and action-oriented.

How does coaching work?

The process looks something like this (although we customise it to suit you):

  • We start with a ‘kick off’ meeting with coach, coachee and their manager (or HR representative) to discuss requirements.
  • The approach and delivery details are finalised in writing.
  • Coaching sessions are delivered: e.g. fortnightly for 12 weeks, with between-session activities completed by the coachee.
  • Finally, all parties meet and confirm progress and agree on next steps (if any).

What sort of stuff is talked about in coaching?

A wide range of topics are discussed, again depending on the specific needs of the coachee.  Some examples include:

  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Wellbeing
  • Leading others
  • Strategy
  • Goal settings
  • Values based leadership

How is coaching is delivered?

Face-to-face in an environment that suits you.  We can also provide skype sessions for remote employees.  Sometimes small group coaching is appropriate also.

What will it cost?

Exact costs depend on how many people are receiving coaching and how many sessions are required, and the delivery method (your place, our place or skype).  Get in touch for quotes.

Tell me about the Coach

Executive coaching is delivered by Dr Rachel McInnes, who has one or two (or 15 years experience).

Try before you buy!

The best way to decide if coaching is right for you is to try before you buy.  Rachel offers a free, no obligation, one-hour coaching session.

What our clients say