Coaching is delivered by Dr Rachel who has several decades experience coaching and a PhD in wellbeing and work performance.  Below are some of the types of coaching we deliver.

Wellbeing Coaching

What makes personal wellbeing is unique to every individual.  Our approach to wellbeing is built on your personal values, which are also unique to you. You can get started in your own time with our free Values workbook which you can download here.

After becoming very clear on your values I stand beside you as you make small, manageable changes in the direction of improved wellbeing.

I am also here to help you navigate larger changes, and big or tough decisions.  Big changes are not required for everyone, big changes are not always the best way to improved wellbeing.

As with all coaching styles get in touch for an obligation-free and complementary session.

Download your Free Values Workbook

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is sought when an employee wants to raise the bar in their work effectiveness and/or satisfaction.  The coaching relationship is a partnership with the coach and coachee as equals, working together for shared goals.

The process looks something like this (although we customise it to suit you):

  • We start with a ‘kick off’ meeting with the coach, coachee and their manager (or HR representative) to discuss requirements.
  • The approach and delivery details are finalised in writing.
  • Coaching sessions are delivered: e.g. fortnightly for 12 weeks, with between-session activities completed by the coachee.
  • Finally, all parties meet and confirm progress and agree on next steps (if any).

A wide range of topics are covered depending on the specific needs of the coachee.  Some examples include:

  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Wellbeing
  • Leading others
  • Strategy
  • Goal settings
  • Values based leadership

M.A.D. Coaching

As in Making-a-Difference Coaching.

M.A.D. coaching is designed to support those amazing people giving their time and money to changing the world.  Those people working in our charities and communities to promote causes, help those in need, fight injustices at the root cause.  But who is the sounding board for these people? Who is investing in them? Helping them reach those lofty goals?

If you are a business wanting to sponsor coaching for one of our world changers or a world changer that would love some support get in touch.

FLEX Coaching

D Rachel is proud to be on the coaching panel at Flex Careers, supporting individuals to find and maintain a flexible career that integrates with and supports their lives (and of course welllbeing).  You can find out more here.

Try Before You Buy!

The best way to decide if coaching is right for you is to try before you buy.  Rachel offers a free, no obligation, one-hour coaching session.

You can even book a skype/zoom session yourself right in her diary here.

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