Unlocking Leadership Mind-traps – A Review

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This book by Jennifer Garvey Berger covers five quirks or traps that leaders might fall into that have potentially serious performance consequences. I have put the traps in my own order, so that I can use the mnemonic of RACES to remember them..... Trapped by Rightness - just because something feels right, doesn't make it … Continue reading Unlocking Leadership Mind-traps – A Review

10 Tips for Successful 360s (science backed)

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Introduction This is part of our quick reads series; helping you stay informed without hogging your precious time. This post summarises a peer-reviewed academic paper on 360-degree assessments (360DAs), published the journal 'Medical Teacher'.  The paper considers the literature on 360DAs in the context of health professionals.  However these learnings are transferable to other sectors. … Continue reading 10 Tips for Successful 360s (science backed)

Science & Leadership Potential

This is the first blog in our quick five min reads series, in which we summarise articles we found interesting/useful.  Our thinking is to provide you the main points that will either satisfy you or lead you to your own further reading. First up is Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic's article in the Harvard Business Review entitled "What … Continue reading Science & Leadership Potential