10 Tips for Successful 360s (science backed)

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Introduction This is part of our quick reads series; helping you stay informed without hogging your precious time. This post summarises a peer-reviewed academic paper on 360-degree assessments (360DAs), published the journal 'Medical Teacher'.  The paper considers the literature on 360DAs in the context of health professionals.  However these learnings are transferable to other sectors. … Continue reading 10 Tips for Successful 360s (science backed)

Science & Leadership Potential

This is the first blog in our quick five min reads series, in which we summarise articles we found interesting/useful.  Our thinking is to provide you the main points that will either satisfy you or lead you to your own further reading. First up is Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic's article in the Harvard Business Review entitled "What … Continue reading Science & Leadership Potential

Habit 4: Think Win/Win

“You cannot hold people responsible for results if you supervise their methods”  Stephen Covey This is part 4 of 7 looking at the science, or not, of Stephen Coveys '7 Habits of Highly Effective People'. I was walking through the mall today with Ms12, when she yelled out “Mum! Look at those backpacks they come … Continue reading Habit 4: Think Win/Win

Executive coaching: a scientific review

This post focuses on an academic journal article entitled “Executive Coaching:  A review and Agenda for Future Research” (Feldman & Lankau, 2005). I chose this article for two reasons: first, it was in a prestigious publication and second, it has been cited (referenced by other authors in other publications) over 500 times.  Below is my … Continue reading Executive coaching: a scientific review

How and when do habits form?

When behaviours are repeated in consistent settings (places, times, with certain people etc..) they become automatic responses, that is, they become habits. So how do habits form? How long do they take to form? How is this different with each person? And how important is reward (or reinforcement) in this process? Rewards: do they matter? … Continue reading How and when do habits form?