Too Old? Reject Pile? Are you sure?

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Are older applicants always a liability?  You have a large pile of applications for a role you want to be filled yesterday.  You are trying to get this down to a small pile.  Some re-thinking on previously held beliefs could save you rejecting the perfect applicant in haste.

We all know its illegal to discriminate against older people.  We all know it still happens.

You are trying to get that enormous pile of applications down to a few so you are looking for reasons to reject.  Wrong order!  Try looking for reasons to keep.

Go back to your list of skills and attributes the one I keep banging on about.

Forget all the prejudices you  have about older people being too set in their ways or about young people being ‘all about me.’  There are high performers and poor performers in any age group.  Check out this article I found interesting and could equally apply to NZ or OZ.

Older employees can add a richness to the fabric of the organisation by bringing invaluable work experience, diverse thoughts, and approaches.  In addition, older employees are often willing to mentor younger employees.  Many have established networks of useful contacts.  Older employees are often open to shorter or more flexible hours, which can have a positive effect on the company’s bottom line while still retaining the skills.

Focus on the skills and attributes that the role requires. 

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