Overqualified? Reject pile? Are you sure?

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You have a large pile of applications for a role you want to be filled yesterday.  You are trying to get this down to a small pile.  Some re-thinking of previously held beliefs could save you rejecting the perfect applicant in haste. Is overqualified always a bad thing?

Yes, if they are overqualified flag it for further investigation, not for automatic rejection.  I know you are trying to get that huge, daunting pile of applications down to a manageable level, but keep your eyes on the target!  Get the best possible person.  Time spent early could save lots of time later.

We hear you!  An overqualified person might be a disaster but, they might also be incredible value for money.  If their skills match the list you prepared when deciding to hire, then find out more.  Remember the list?  I’m banging on about that list again and I  will keep doing so because it’s the most important stage of your recruitment process. Getting the right person starts with knowing who the right person is.

Consider some common concerns from employers;

  1. You worry they will move on as soon as they can.  That might depend on their reasons for wanting the job.  Maybe they have good reasons for needing fewer hours or less stress.  Could be their health, or someone they care for, means they need manageable hours.  Maybe they tried leadership and didn’t enjoy it.
  2. They might intimidate their manager.  If your manager is that insecure then they are a problem.  Sort that one out.
  3. You think they may only want a more junior role because no-one is offering them a better one.  Well, it might be, but check it out if all the other boxes are ticked.

A wee word of warning, there are questions that you cannot ask in an interview because they are discriminatory.  However, if after consideration, you decide to interview them,  it is OK to invite them to explain why they want a more junior role.

Happy recruiting …… The Barefoot Recruiter

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