Late for the Interview? Reject Pile? Are you Sure?

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Remember how right at the beginning of your decision to hire, you clearly listed the skills and attributes needed to succeed in the role?

My message (oft-repeated, I know) is to keep your focus on that list.

Sure, it’s a dumb thing to do be late for an interview.  We tell our clients never, ever, be late.  However, sometimes there are reasons beyond the candidate’s control which have made them late.

I recently heard of a woman who someone had parked across her driveway and she couldn’t get her car out.  She had allowed contingency time for flat tyres etc.  By the time the tow truck arrived and removed the offending car, she was twenty minutes late for her interview.  The company didn’t bother to interview her.  They may have missed out on securing the best applicant.

Let’s go back to your list, maybe you are looking for an events coordinator and punctuality is crucial.  No one can actually guarantee a day free from fire, flood, pestilence, or arrogant parking.  Look closer, do they always have a Plan B, or even Plan C to account for unplanned hic-ups.

Sure being late for the interview is an alarm bell, investigate it: check punctuality in references; let them explain – were they stuck for three hours behind a gruesome accident and came anyway.  Should you perhaps offer a cup of tea, a crisis line and a reschedule instead of rejection?

Do, do your homework.  It’s easy to check if a terrible accident did occur on that road, that day.

Keep the focus on the skills, attributes, and experience that will make the role a huge success.

Happy recruiting   ….  the Barefoot Recruiter.

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