Typo in Cv? Reject Pile? Are you Sure?

CV mistakes job application

Recruiters/hiring managers we have a challenge for you.

We train candidates to check their CVS closely for typos as we know the first cut can take as little as a few seconds.  A few seconds, in which the person recruiting is looking for reasons to reject.  We get that – the pile in front of them needs to shrink from hundreds to a handful.

Our challenge to the person shortlisting is to stop and think before you reject for a typo. What is the role? What skills are most needed?  Sure if you are hiring a sub-editor, go crazy biff that CV!  But a salesperson, an engineer, a waiter ….. really one typo in a cv?

Many good candidates will have researched your company, your needs, and the requirements of the role then crafted their application and CV for relevance.  Applicants can be applying for many roles at once, often daily.

Are you seriously likely to fire an employee because you found a typo in one of the many reports they have written this week?

How often have you seen a typo in a published book, one with professional editors and a team of sub-editors? Yes it happens.

‘One swallow does not a summer make‘.

Food for thought.

Yours as ever,

The Barefoot Recruiter

Photo source: http://www.pexels.com/photo/application-blur-business-close-up-270238

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