Let’s chuck around the learning dollars & see where they land.

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      If you target nothing, nothing is what you will get!

Many organisations recognise that in this fast-paced, rapidly changing commercial environment – developing employees is more important than ever.

Some are spending a big chunk of the operating budget on training. Sadly, in my observation, the most common method of determining what training to choose is the scatter-gun approach. This approach has no consideration of the cost: benefit ratio.

I hear senior managers say things like ‘I think all learning is beneficial to employee satisfaction’ ‘I let my staff decide what they need for training, as they will know best’.

Many of the skills needed today have a very short shelf life. This, combined with shortages in specific skills out in the market, means it is now more important than ever to be able to anticipate and develop tomorrow’s skills internally.

Every organisation should carry out a training needs analysis, which (like everything I recommend) doesn’t need to be a volume the size of War and Peace.

What it must have is:

  • Current Skills
  • Skills needed now
  • Skills likely to be needed in two years
  • Skills likely to be needed in five years
  • Who internally can acquire those skills? or Can we acquire those externally?

Your staff will have good information to feed into this. So will you. So will other sources.

It seems obvious that understanding these key points should drive how you allocate your training budget.

Often the obvious is not what happens.

How is your L&D budget allocated?

Yours as ever,

The Barefoot Recruiter (and L&Der)

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