Organisations with high levels of Employee Wellbeing outperform those without (London Business School 2015).

Studies point to three tiers of benefits for those companies that invest in employee wellbeing:

  1. Increased Productivity (30%)
  2. Improved Engagement (405)
  3. Better Creativity (50%)

Employee wellbeing is a multifaceted, ever moving and complex thing, we have some ideas to get your started.

Know Where you Stand with Employee Wellbeing

Book an Obligation Free Consultation

Our Wellbeing@Work Audit will give you a clear picture of your current employee wellbeing.  Thus enabling you to decide what, if any, investment is needed.  It also means any initiatives you invest in will be targeted for maximum impact on employee wellbeing and this performance.

Start at the Beginning

An often overlooked critical part of employee wellbeing is getting the right person in the right role.  Good recruitment practices are central to organisational wellbeing.

Keep Going…

Support your people through ongoing coaching, training and other wellbeing initiatives.

Thinking of Yourself not Your Employer or Business?

No problem we have something for you too. Check out values-based personal coaching here.

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