Organisations with High Levels of Employee Wellbeing outperform those without (London Business School 2015).

Studies point to three tiers of benefits for those companies that invest in employee wellbeing:

  1. Better Performance
  2. Reduced Costs
  3. Higher Creativity

Employee wellbeing is multifaced, ever moving and complex thing, we have a few bits of advice to get you started.

Know where you stand

Before investing in employee wellbeing initiatives, we strongly feel you should start with understanding where you are at today.  Hence we developed that Wellbeing@Work Audit.

Start at the beginning

An often overlooked part of employee wellbeing (at least until it is too late) is getting the right person in the right role.  Hence good recruitment practices are central to employee wellbeing.

Keep Going

Support your people through ongoing coaching, new manager mentoring, and training.