Stress = poor wellbeing

As you rush to recover from the loses of COVID19, employee wellbeing might be low on your urgent list. I understand, however, this may be short-sighted, given the link between employee wellbeing and performance. Managing this time proactively will help you ensure the maximum productivity with the quantum shift in expectations around ways and places of working.

Companies that invest, time and money, in employee wellbeing have increased Productivity (30%), improved engagement (40%) better creativity (50%). Or put more simply organisations with high levels of employee wellbeing, outperform those without (London Business School 2015).

At McInnes Associates Ltd, we help your employees, teams and organisation as a whole raise the bar on performance via wellbeing.

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Know where you actually are?

Our Wellbeing@Work Audit will give you a clear picture of your current organisation-wide wellbeing.  Thus enabling you to decide what, if any, investment is needed.  It also means any initiatives you invest in will be targeted for maximum impact on employee wellbeing and hence performance. If you do your first assessment now, you will also be able to track your recovery from the lows of 2020.

Start at the Beginning

An often-overlooked critical component of employee wellbeing is getting the right person in the right role.  Good recruitment practices are central to organisational wellbeing. We can walk you through the steps involved in successful hiring from identifying the need to induction and training.

In a market downturn, we see companies taking their eye off the ball on recruitment as they think never mind there is plenty more ‘fish’ in the sea if we get it wrong. However, the financial and culture costs of a poor hire are not recession-proof.

We offer affordable and flexible recruitment tools to help you make decisions. We do so independently as we are never remunerated on placement. Our advice remains independent and objective.

Keep Going!

We can support your people as they develop within your organisations through executive coaching, training and wellbeing workshops.

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