Stress = poor wellbeing

As you rush to recover from the loses of COVID19, employee wellbeing might be low on your urgent list. We understand, however, this may be short-sighted, given the link between employee wellbeing and organisational performance.

Managing this time proactively will help you ensure the maximum productivity, especially in light of the quantum shift in expectations around ways and places of working.

Companies that invest, time and money, in employee wellbeing have increased productivity (30%), improved engagement (40%) as well as better creativity (50%). Or put more simply organisations with high levels of employee wellbeing, outperform those without (London Business School 2015).

At McInnes Associates Ltd, we help your employees, teams and organisation as a whole raise the bar on performance via wellbeing. We do this in a range of ways depending on your needs, we can:

Support the creation of a values-based performance culture

Audit your current organisational performance and wellbeing

Deliver in-house wellbeing workshops for staff

Provide executive coaching to new and existing leaders

Support job seekers in this difficult market with crazy-affordable training

Support smaller clients (with limited in-house resources) with the right recruitment approach, because having the right person in the right role is one of the foundations of wellbeing.

Provide psychometric profiling for coaching, recruitment or internal promotions

If you are a women going through stress or change you can check out our sister sight here https://drrachelmcinnes.com/

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